How to Increase Sales for Online Shops and E-commerce Websites 2020

Increase sales for online shops
Increase sales for online shops

1) Increase Sales for Online Shops: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization focuses on bringing people what they are looking for. You need to design your website content based on the most important keywords and search queries related to your products. As a result, when people search for a related product, your website will show up on top of the search results. Research has shown that online users usually just go through the top 5 websites that show up on search engines, and by being in the top 5 you make sure that you get more prospective customers.

2) Increase Sales for Online Shops: Retargeting

There are different tools and platforms you can use for retargeting your shop visitors. BestPush is the one we suggest that you give a try to. BestPush tracks visitors’ behavior within your shopify shop, and sends personalized messages to them through web push notifications to increase the sales of your shop. Whether visitors have looked at an item that was out of stock or maybe was a little expensive for them, they will receive an appropriate offer to come back to your shop.

3) Increase Sales for Online Shops: Abandoned Cart Recovery

But the problem is that they usually forget about these items and most of them never come back to the shop, and this will hit your sales and conversion rate numbers. If people are reminded of their abandoned shopping carts, about 50% of them will return to your shop and complete the purchase, increasing your conversion rate and sales.

BestPush can also handle this for you. Finding out about abandoned carts, it will automatically send push notifications to recover them and help you with your sales.

4) Increase Sales for Online Shops: Discounts

With BestPush, you can manage your discounts and give each customer the amount of discount that seems persuasive to them. If someone is very price sensitive and seems like he or she is not going to spend a lot of money, you can give them a higher discount within your margins; while giving much less discount to someone who is not that price sensitive.

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