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2020 is almost finished and we’re getting ready to welcome 2021. At the end of the year we usually take a look at what we have done during the year and make ourselves ready for the next year. The year’s review can be both in personal life and business life. We’re going to take a look at Shopify’s most installed marketing apps and see what Shopify shops found useful for their online stores. If you want to know about customer retention apps in Shopify and email marketing apps in Shopify and SEO apps in Shopify read the article below. We hope you find it useful for planning your online store’s next year plan:

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Customer retention Apps In Shopify

The most installed app among Shopify’s customer retention apps in Shopify is Shopify Email. Shopify Email is an Email marketing app made for commerce by Shoppify. You can choose from ready-made designs and save time. Also you can manage campaigns and send email from your domain. The other good feature is importing customer lists and segment emails for customer categories. You will get 2500 emails free each month and for every 1000 mails you send after that, pay 1$. Shopify as a platform knows it’s customers needs and tries to fulfil them in the best way possible.

The next popular app among Shopify’s most installed marketing apps is Klaviyo. Klaviyo is one of the most installed customer retention apps in Shopify. With Klaviyo you’ll be able to recapture lost sales and send emails to whomever abandoned their cart. Also you can have segments and send personal emails. Measuring data and analyzing them for improvement is another feature.

The third app among Shopify’s most installed marketing apps is ShopSync. ShopSync as the name says will connect your store with Mailchimp. As we see in customer retention apps in shopify email services play an important role. Mail Chimp is a famous email service which helps Shopify stores too. With ShopSync you can Increase your revenue potential and traffic to your site. ShopSync helps you automate your email marketing and Automatically send abandoned cart messages, send relevant product recommendations, or prompt customers to leave reviews.

Bonus: New And Practical App

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps have been tried by many users and their value has proved. But There are new apps which are useful and not as famous. We will introduce some new useful apps in some categories. The new and practical app among customer retention apps in Shopify is Back In Stock And Restock Alerts.

Inventory management and having all products customers need is an important part of having a shop. BestPush among customer retention apps in Shopify helps you notify your customers about restocking a product. The informing process is done with both email and push notification. Also everything is customizable and the support team is always ready to help according to reviews.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Email marketing Apps in Shopify

Privy’s suite of conversion, email marketing, & SMS tools, including help you grow your email list from your Shopify store. Privy is one of the most installed in Email marketing apps in shopify. Privy will help you in converting more traffic, automate your email marketing and it’s customizable. Also Privy as Shopify’s most installed marketing app helps you offer visitors what they need and increases your website conversion as a result

Omnisend is an email & SMS marketing platform for Shopify merchants. Omnisend among Email marketing apps in shopify is one of the Shopify’s most installed marketing apps. This app’s features are: you can use email, SMS and push notifications for recovering abandoned carts and engaging with customers. Sending newsletter and running email campaigns is easy. Also segmentation for better results is possible. The support team is there for you too! More than 50,000 ecommerce brands use Omnisend among Email marketing apps in shopify.

The other app among Shopify’s most installed marketing apps in email marketing apps in Shopify is Seguno. Seguno sophisticated technology made email marketing easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations are ready for merchants. A pre-built library is consistent with Coming soon, Welcome, Discount reminder, Abandoned checkout, New purchaser, Repeat purchaser , Review request and Lapsed purchaser.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Sales And Discounts Apps in Shopify

Reviews can be a strong motive for buying or not buying a product. Usually when doubting or not knowing much about a product, customers consider reviews and a review from a person who really bought and used the product is worthy. For online stores having review sections is important for shopping and inventory improvement. Loox’s review app helps merchants send automatic review request emails asking customers for product reviews & offer discounts for photo reviews. Loox gathers authentic product reviews by using smart and customizable review request emails.Merchants can schedule by delivery time or order status and Offer a discount for photo reviews. The app is available in English, French (Avis) & 15 other languages and you can have a Happy Customers page to Show off all your product reviews in one place.

SMS Bump is a sms marketing and automations app Shopify’s most installed marketing apps. SMS Bump has pre-built SMS / MMS flows, including abandoned cart, customer winback, new order flow, product upsell, COD etc. The app supports MMS too and you can schedule your SMS campaigns easily with SMS Bump. Since SMS can be annoying in some hours you can Input quiet hours based on your store timezone which guarantees that your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night. Don’t forget emojis to Spice up your campaigns.

Free Shipping is a big deal for most of customers, with this app you can Promote your free shipping offers with progressive messages and a cart goal. Motivate your customers to increase cart values and boost sales. Free Shipping Bar you can display different free shipping offers based on country, pages, device and time period.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Marketing Analytics Apps In Shopify

Marketing efforts without analyzing the results is no good. Measuring the data and analyzing them helps merchants to realize which funnel is the best and what they should and shouldn’t do. Here are Shopify’s most installed marketing apps for analyzing.

Lifetimely is an advanced Profit Dashboard & Customer Lifetime Value Analytics. Merchants can easily track customer lifetime value and repurchase rate, Analyze how best customers behave,

Track real-time profitability by tracking Shopify data, shipping, cost, and marketing data (Facebook, Google). Monitoring order metrics in real-time can help merchants to plan for the future.

One of the other most installed marketing apps is conversific. Conversific is a profit & analytics tool for Shopify that helps merchants to optimize traffic and conversions, gather better data, and grow online sales. With Conversific shop owners can benchmark against competitors and understand how good or bad numbers are. Conversific gives data of profit analytics, marketing and conversion reports, product reports and a to do list based on metrics to help your business.

This app is an advanced Google Analytics tracking for Shopify stores. Ecommerce analytics can be complicated for most of the people especially without knowledge. Littledata automatically fixes tracking for Shopify stores, offering complete marketing attribution, accurate sales data, and custom dimensions for lifetime value reporting (LTV). Little Data was Built for Shopify, and now is optimized for Shopify Plus. Merchants can monitor and automatically filter key metrics like First Click, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, Average Order Value and Revenue per Customer to help you focus on actionable insights

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Ads & Retargeting Apps In Shopify

Advertising is an important part of sales and without ads no one can know about your shop and products.

The Facebook Channel gives merchants all the tools they need to successfully sell and market across Facebook and Instagram. Merchants can use free and paid marketing tools to reach new customers and promote products across Facebook and Instagram, without leaving Shopify.

Everyone knows about the growth of Snappchat in recent years and how everybody uses it. Snapchat has 99 million daily active users on average. So running ad campaigns on Snapchat might help a lot. Snapchat Ads helps brands to reach Snapchat’s unique audience. Also merchants can measure the impact of ads, build retargeting audiences, and optimize campaigns to drive purchases with the Snap Pixel. Seting up the app is easy and with a few clicks.

Another app among Shopify’s most installed marketing apps is Sixads. Merchants can use sixads targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to drive returning paying customers to their store. Setup is easy here too and most parts are automated.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : SEO Apps in Shopify

The importance of SEO is no secret. Merchants need SEO apps in Shopify to help their businesses grow.

Avada is one of the SEO apps in Shopify and a comprehensive SEO optimization tool for SEO in Shopify. It helps merchants optimize image ALT, JSON-LD, Meta tags, Sitemap automatically for almost all pages. With the help of Avada pages can be loaded faster and satisfies the customers. Ranking in Google pages is a merchant’s concern and Avada improves the store’s rank. With Avada merchants can optimize meta title and meta description automatically. Also Verifying website authority with Google Search Console, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex Webmaster Tools, Baidu, Alexa, Norton Safe Web will be easy. SEO analysis helps merchants to fix the flaws and improve site performance.

Another Shopify’s most installed marketing apps is SEO Optimizer. SEO Optimizer is one of the most downloaded SEO apps in Shopify. SEO Optimizer helps merchants boost traffic and receive weekly SEO health results. Also with SEO Optimizer merchants can monitor and redirect broken links automatically. Long story short This app will ensure that you are set up for On-Page SEO success which is a key element.

Another useful app among SEO apps in Shopify is SEO Booster. This app helps merchants Put keywords under optimized control. You can drive traffic to your store by updating trending keywords from your selected geographical areas. This app helps you be more visible in Google and more people have the chance to find your store.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Social Media Marketing Apps In Shopify

Merchants can display custom shoppable Instagram feeds on their Shopify store with Instafeed. This app’s goal is to expand reach of store’s Instagram to store visitors and help to get more followers and likes. Instafeed is customizable and feed title, number of rows and columns and space between posts can be chosen according to store’s needs.

Creating and Scheduling posts for social media like Facebook and Instagram can be a distraction for merchants. Post Studio is a social media auto-poster. Merchants will be able to publish offers and products to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds (Pinterest is coming soon) on a daily basis. Scheduling posts is easy and according to the audience, also before each campaign you can see a real-life. Upcoming integrations are Videofy, Loox, Reconvert, Instafeed, Smile, Judge.me, Justuno, Tiktok, Tumblr, Snapchat, Privy, WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook shops, Instagram shops, and Whatsapp shops.

WhatsApp is a platform which is popular. This app helps you grow your sale with WhatsApp. Since many people prefer conversations in WhatsApp this app is a big help with sending order confirmation, order tracking and COD cash in WhatsApp. The app has automated WhatsApp message templates such as Abandoned cart recovery, Order confirmation, Order shipment, Cash on Delivery (COD) order confirmation. Customers who get the service easily will be happy and repeat their purchase.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Content Marketing Apps In Shopify

If you do everything right but your website and content doesn’t attract visitors, all your efforts will be useless. Let’s take a look at some content marketing apps in Shopify.

Creating professional websites with high conversion rates is Layout Hub’s purpose according to themselves. LayoutHub is a page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with pre-designed layouts and blocks. Merchants can import a complete page layout or insert each individual block in any position of the page.Designs for home page, product page, landing page, subpage, slider, call to action, collections, form, blog, services, FAQ etc are available.

Promo video maker is one of Shopify’s most installed marketing apps. It’s a tool for making videos in order to promote products. Merchants can create videos for your store, products, brand awareness, social channels and more. Working with this app is easy and you need to select the type of video you want, the product you want and the rest is on the app.

Blog is an important part of every website. Blogs boost search engine ranking so being SEO friendly and easy to update are rules also it should integrate beautifully with Shopify sites. DropInBlog installs simply, comes packed with powerful features like SEO analysis, and automatically uses each store’s look, colors & fonts. DropInBlog has a SEO Analyzer which scores content clearly. Working with DropInBlog is easy and customizable. Also you can schedule posts for the future.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Product Feed Apps In Shopify

Google Channel is one of Shopify’s most installed marketing apps which is created by Shopify. Google is where everybody looks in it for fulfilling needs. The Google channel makes it easy for merchants to reach the millions of shoppers that use Google to find the products they need. Smart Shopping campaigns are paid ads that help merchants reach shoppers on YouTube, Gmail, Search and across their Display Network. With this app you can reach new audiences and boost your sales.

This app is a Promotions Feed for all products and Specific Ones. Merchants just need to link Shopify Stores with Merchant Center(App helps you do it) and the app does its job on its own. There is no need to submit Feed URL and set fetching frequency and other settings. Also updates are pushed by app to Google Merchant Center within a few mins of the update.

Socialshop syncs product feed with Google Merchant Center, and Facebook Catalog Manager, Facebook Shop, which then allows merchants to create Google Shopping Ads/Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.With Social Shop, merchants can manage all feeds in one place with real time synchronization. Social Shop is simple and user friendly and has a great free plan too. Also the app supports Facebook Catalog Manager (for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads) and Google Merchant Center (for Google Shopping Ads).

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Affiliate Programs In Shopify

Goaffpro is a professional affiliate marketing app and one of the Shopify’s most installed marketing apps. With this app merchants can give customers a affiliate portal to register and become partners.After registration, they are provided with a referral link which they use to promote products on their blog, Instagram, etc.They are then rewarded for any purchase made using their referral link. This app helps you have more customers and helps with your brand awareness.

Secomapp is another affiliate marketing program which is one of the Shopify’s most installed marketing apps. The app is easy to set up and the support is world class, also it’s fully customizable. Merchants can track affiliate performance through affiliate link, coupon, customer email etc.

Referral Candy helps Boost sales, build social proof, increase customer retention and drive revenue through this easy-to-use referral program according to themselves. Word of mouth influences 80% of buying decisions and is an important factor in making choices. With Referral Candy merchant can track the performance of referral program. an overview of sales and shares, or drill down to details like who referred who is available.

Shopify’s most installed marketing apps : Contests And Giveaway Apps In Shopify

Coupon and spin wheels are fun and can actually encourage visitors to buy and become a customer. WooHoo is one of these apps which helps Boost emails subscribers with WooHoo spin to win popups, exit intent, spin to win & lucky wheel popup games with email capture discounts.

Everyone loves gifts especially when free. Merchants can use Gift Box to create free gift setup to motivate and reward customers. Merchants can Offer free gifts like a gift wrap, gift card, or any free product. Gifts are added automatically to the cart and it’s a perfect way for increasing AOV.

Happy Birthday app enables merchants to drive repeat business by rewarding loyal customers with a timely birthday incentive or discount for their store. With this app merchants can personalise the discount value, send time, subject line, messaging, logo and styling to match your store’s branding. This helps bonding with customers and shows that you really care for them.

Wrap up

There are many good apps out there in Shopify and you need to choose based on your shop, need and budget.

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